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Windows 10 Upgrade: You Can Still Get it Free Here is How?

It’s going to be kind of a public service announcement in regards to the free windows 10 upgrade that Microsoft has been offering for the past year hopefully you already knew about that.

But it did end in the past week you can’t get it for free anymore and now costs $119 to upgrade from previous version of windows to windows 10 unless you do one specific thing.

So if you did not upgrade yet and you want to there’s still a chance.

You see Microsoft is still offering Windows 10 for free to people who use assistive technology.

These are accessibility options and features in the new windows 10 such as a better narrator ease of navigation for people who have disabilities and that sort of thing.

Microsoft has said those people are actually exempt from the deadline and can still get Windows 10 because they might need those additional features.

So to get the free upgrade still you go to a special upgrade page on Microsoft’s website designated for accessibility and then you click upgrade now and then at some point in the installer I guess it asks you if you will use these technologies and you either check a box or maybe doesn’t even ask you at all.

Whatever the case is they don’t check whether or not you use these features so really anyone can just say yeah I use these features and get the upgrade still for free.

Check below Link to get your free upgrade.

Get Your Free Copy of Windows 10

windows 10 upgrade

No one really knows how long this extension is going to be for accessibility users.

There was one post on Microsoft’s website from somebody said that it doesn’t apply they’re exempt so maybe it could go on forever who knows.

So if you do want to upgrade for free and you didn’t get a chance to before, now is the time.

It's pretty interesting that Microsoft is doing this.

It shows that they still want to get as many people to sign up and use Windows 10 as they can and it’s even possible that they know regular people and average users will use this loophole even if they don’t use these accessibility features.

It’s also likely that they are pretty confident in these new features and they just want to get as many people using the operating system as possible so they won’t move to any other operating system after they used to windows 10.

But in any case if you’re one of the people who maybe didn’t upgrade because you didn’t know it was not going to be for any more or something like that at least now you have an out.

There’s really not any reason to not upgrade at this point, you’re going to have to eventually.

You may as well save a hundred bucks and just get it for free.

So it makes sense that they’d be pushing the windows 10 free upgrade for people who would most benefit from it especially.

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