Windows Shortcuts ! 10 Amazing Windows Shortcuts keys You Should Be Using

We all find our self in a situation where we are looking at something on our computer and it needs to go immediately because maybe someone is coming down the hallway or your boss is walking towards your cubicle. Well that’s needs to go..Windows Shortcuts keys..

Here is a simple shortcut to save yourself in these situation.

Windows Shortcuts keys

Quickly Minimize to Desktop

All you have to do is put your finger on the windows key and the D key and press both buttons at the same time. Voila you are back at the desktop. Now act like you are doing something important.

shortcuts ctrl d internetseekho


Reopen a Closed Tab in Your Web Browser

All of us browse lots of thing on the internet. For this purpose, we open as many tabs as we can. If accidently we close the browser, then it becomes very difficult to recover all these tabs. It takes lots of time to open all the tabs one by one.

With this little shortcut all you have to do is press CTRL+SHIFT+T and it will open all your closed tabs. The shortcut works in every browser like Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Press CTRL+SHIFT+T and it will start opening all the previous tabs.

ctrl shift t


Quickly SNAP Windows to the Side

If you want to put two windows side by side for comparison use Windows+ → or ←.

Just select one window on your screen and hold down the windows key. Now press the left or right arrow key it will shift over to the other side. Do the same thing for other window and you can compare it side by side. It also works if you want to maximize or minimize the window. To maximize it just press the up arrow. If you want to minimize it press the down arrow key.

snap windows shortcut


Paste Text Without Formatting

If you have ever written an email on online platform like Gmail, Yahoo. You may have noticed that when you copy something from another page and the paste in into your email it retains all the formatting. It looks very strange when you paste it in there and you are about to send it to someone else.

To make all the text uniform here is a simple shortcut for that. Instead of hitting CTRL+V use CTRL+SHIFT+V. it will paste unformatted text directly into your email.

paste special


Instant Screenshot to a File

Taking a screenshot in windows is used to be a big issue. Either had to use snap tool or hit the PrntScr button then paste it into paint and exported out as an image. Will there is no need to use any of these methods.

If you want to quickly screenshot the active window just hit Windows+PrntScr utton. It can also be done by hitting the Alt+PrntScr button. Images will be saved to your photos folder by default.

print screen

Quickly Lock Your PC Screen

If you are doing something important like writing research and you don’t want anyone to see it but you are late for the meeting. Just hit Windows+L key. This shortcut will lock your PC or Laptop.

lock windows

Copy a File with a Simple Click and Drag

If you need to make a copy of a file there is no need to do the copy paste it. Just hold down the CTRL key and drag the file over. It will instantly make a duplicate when you release the mouse button.

Delete Entire Words Instead of Just Letters

If you do a lot of online trolling, you will know the importance of finely crafted words and proper grammar. Sometimes you realized that you have missed up and you couldn’t be more insulting. Now removing the words by pressing the Backspace key can take a lot of time. Letter by letter by letter by letter…

However, if you hold the CTRL key with Backs
pace you can delete the entire words in one stroke. It will also save you some time.

ctrl backspace sortcut

Magnify Your Screen

If you want to magnify the screen press CTRL++. You can go back by pressing CTRL+- key. This will work on any app running from the desktop. It comes handy when your grandma is using the computer.magnify screen

Quickly Access your Hard Drives

Sometimes you have like 20 windows open and you need to get to your E drive or D drive. If you want to quickly access your drive just press Windows+E buttons. It will open the My Computer directory and give quick access to your drive.

windows e

These shortcuts are global and works on Windows 7, 8, 10.


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